As a Boutique Grower Producer, we look to make wines that are the best expression of the grapes in that particular vintage. We only make certain cuvées in exceptional years. Here, we give an overview of each of our wines. Although cépage will vary slightly from year to year, and some wines will only be produced in certain conditions, with limited availability, the cuvées from different vintages exhibit common characteristics which we describe. We hope that you enjoy exploring the Fox & Fox range.

CV (Chairman’s VAT) Limited Edition

Fox and Fox Chairman's Vat 2014

A unique one-off, personally blended by Gerard Fox from the 2014 wines in tank. This was his inspiring idea. We tasted and tested the wine in January 2019 and, because we thought it was worth it, we left it for an extra year on lees compared with all our other 2014 wines.

Download Tech Sheet: CV 2014


Inspiration is our unique blend, celebrating our delicious Pinot Gris, with a dash of ripe Chardonnay to make a beautifully balanced fizz full of small bubbles and enticing zesty fruit flavours.

* Up to and including the 2013 vintage, we called Inspiration a Blanc de Blancs. In deference to the increasing quantity of Pinot Gris in the blend, we now refer to it as Blanc de Gris.

Download Tech Sheets: Inspiration 2013


This is a joyous wine. It is a testament to our love affair with Pinot Noir dominated fizz. Enticing small bubbles create a rich mousse sparkling with ripe baked-apple flavours that linger. It is a beautifully rounded fizz with a satisfyingly long finish.
Our Decanter Platinum Winning Tradition 2014 is now available in both standard bottle and Magnum format.

Download Tech Sheets: Tradition 2013


Complex Saignée Rosé, capturing red berries and spice from the predominantly Pinot noir base. Lifted by a suspicion of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris, to give a long satisfying finish. This is a “field assemblage” from our Hobdens single vineyard site.

Download Tech Sheets: Expression Saignée Brut Rosé 2013


A limited edition release of only 500-700 bottles in any one year, our magical Midnight delivers an abundance of exquisite ripe cherry and berry flavours, spiced with very subtle hints of cinnamon and clove. This is a rich, rounded and rewarding fizz at the sweeter end of the Brut spectrum, made from extremely ripe Pinot Noir picked very late in the harvest calendar.

Download Tech Sheets: Midnight Saignée Brut Rosé 2011


Essence is our pure un-oaked Chardonnay. It has become a bit of a cult wine with the critics and a sought after wine by our Private List members. We only ever produce it in very small quantities. It sings of citrus and ripe apples in a glorious burst of flavour. Small bubbles fill the mouth and deliver a refreshingly long finish. Essence is a wine that drinks  well on its own, and offers good ageing potential.

Download Tech Sheets: Essence 2014


The perfect “anytime” fizz, light and uplifting with gentle orchard fruit flavours and soft, creamy bubbles. A blend of grapes from both vineyards. More often than not approaching a 50/50 Pinot Noir/Chardonnay cépage, it is made to be drunk slightly earlier than the other cuvées.

Download Tech Sheets: Mosaic Brut 2014


Mosaic Rosé 2015 English Sparkling Wine from Fox & Fox

Mosaic Rosé is our lovely summer time fizz, blended from both vineyards with a slightly higher percentage of Pinot noir than the Mosaic Brut. It is the perfect easy drinking rosé, with luscious ripe strawberry flavours, balanced by a mildly citrusy finish. It is a particularly pretty salmon pink colour in the glass, perfect for picnics or sipping with friends.

Download Tech Sheets: Mosaic Brut Rosé 2014

MEUNIER BRUT Blanc de noirs

Exceptional Pinot Meunier Limited Edition. This wine is an elegant Blanc de Noir with lime-citrus top notes flying over subtle orchard fruit flavours, underpinned by a purity and minerality that is both refreshing and deliciously easy to enjoy. The wine is made from a selection from two separate Pinot Meunier parcels at our Lakestreet vineyard. The Pinot Meunier grapes are normally a part of our Tradition Brut Blanc de Noirs blend, but when they shows exceptional quality we make them into a single varietal cuvée.

Download Tech Sheets: Meunier Brut 2014


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