The 2022 season was predominantly dry, sunny, and at times very hot. Growing season sunshine levels approached those of the radiant 2020. Our vines managed to dodge early frosts, and flourished with their deep roots in our clay soils. Flowering and fruit set came and went in early July in ideal conditions. The new vine plantings of recent years continued to develop well, but were beginning to look slightly drought-stressed as we moved into August. Mid-August rainfall came as an unusually blessed relief, rejuvenating the young vines and permitting decent berry swell in the older vines as veraison came and went quite evenly. The weather remained warm as we moved into the first half of September, but was populated with more intermittent showers amid sunny days, with some quite cold nights in the second half of the month. The fruit load remained in good condition right up until harvest on October 1st, which took place on a beautiful sunny day. The fruit flavours, particularly in the Pinot noir, were excellent. We harvested the grapes with sugar levels at optimal levels for sparkling wine and with good acidity. Thank you as always to the amazing team of customers and volunteers who joined us to make light work of picking and of our usual delicious pickers’ lunch. 

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